Gabala is a region on the west side of Azerbaijan, located approximately, 185 km far from the capital- Baku. Our journey to Gabala will take around 4-5 hours as we will stop on various stops on the way to there.

Our first stop will be Diri Baba mausoleum in Maraza city. The mausoleum is a wonderful example of Shirvan architectural school. According to the scripts found on the monument, the construction date was 1402 and the architect was “…the son of ustad Haji”. There are still many legends connected to this place. For a long time, local people believed that a sacred person- called Diribaba had buried here and remained imperishable across the centuries. Nowadays, it is  one of the holy places for local residents. The monument is under protection and open to tourists. After Diribaba, we will continue our tour towards the mighty Gabala city.

Gabala- the ancient capital of Azerbaijan

Upon reaching Gabala, the first thing to do is certainly  to climb Tufandag- the highest elevated mountain resort in Azerbaijan to take a freshness of Caucasian Mountains. Tufandag is located 4 km away from the city  – the ancient capital of Caucasian Albania. From here, you can watch the incredible panorama of Caucasian mountains take incredible view for city.

Afterwards, we will move to ancient Gabala as the area was the capital of Caucasian Albania. for a long period of time. Strong archeological evidences show that the city was on its pick as a capital of Albania as early as the 4th century BC.  The ruins of the ancient settlements and city along with the main gate of Caucasian Albania are still preserved until now.

Our next stop will be Nohurgol, a beautiful lake located 3 km away from the city. A forest surrounds the lake, you can walk around the lake. Here you can relax, even sail boat on the lake. After spending about an hour and half around this beautiful lake, you will visit the Shooting Center to experience indoor and outdoor shooting.

Around 17:00 pm, we will leave Gabala for Baku. We will reach to Baku around 20:00 pm.


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