Our tour guide and driver will pick you up from the point agreed before. We will start our tour to Shamakhi city and Lahij village. Our tour will last around 10 hours, so ideally, it would be great to start our tour in early morning. The distance between Baku and Lahij is around 190 km and it will take us 4-5 hours to get there as we will stop on various stops on the way to there.

Our first stop will be Diri Baba mausoleum in Maraza city. The  mausoleum is a wonderful example of Shirvan architectural school. According to the scripts found on the monument, the construction date was 1402 and the architect was “…the son of ustad Haji”.

There are still many legends connected to this place. For a long time, local people believed that a sacred person- called Diribaba had buried here and remained imperishable across the centuries. Nowadays, it is  one of the holy places for local residents. The monument is under protection and open to tourists.

Continue to Shamakhi- one of the oldest cities of Caucasus to have a sightseeing tour around city. Ptolemaues first mentioned the city in the 1st century AD. Shamakhy was the most important city of the region during the Middle Ages as a capital city of Shirvanshah state of Azerbaijan from 8th to 15th century, after leaving the Shamakhy, we continue to Lahij.

Lahij or La-hec?

According to the legend, many years ago there was a city of 36,000 people called La. One day very big earthquake happened and La flattened. Afterwards, it became nothing, and so was called La-hec. Hec in Azerbaijani means nothing, or zero. In time people came to live in the settlement again. By the time, La-hec changed to Lahij.

According to other legend,  Persian shah Kai Khosrow killed a respectable ruler of one city which caused a massive riot in his country. Outnumbered and defeated, the shah decided to flee from the country to save his life and found shelter in the mountains close to modern day Lahij.  The servants of the shah established Lahij for their Shah and families. Eventually, Kai Khosrow died there, but gradually, the shelter expanded and turned into a settlement.

Today, Lahij is a remote mountain village at a height of 1211 meters above sea level.  The population of the village is around 2,000 residents.  Lahij is one of the oldest continuously habited places in the world. The village and the heritage is under protection, but open to tourists.

We will have our lunch in Lahij with local family.

During our excursion we will visit:

  • Juma Mosque in Shamakhy: The oldest mosque of all Caucasus and Azerbaijan
  • “Diri Baba” Sufi Dervish Mousaleum
  • “Sakit Gol” Shamakhy Lake
  • Sightseeing places on the way to Lahij (2070 m above the sea level)
  • Lahij trade street, workshops of the local handicraft masters
  • History Museum
  • Lahij Mosque.

After the excursion, we will travel back  to Baku.


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