Gobustan National Park is one of the most attractive and historically important tourism sights of Azerbaijan. Our excursion to  will last about 04-05 hours and we will cover Gobustan museum and Mud volcanoes.  Our guide and professional driver will assist you during the whole excursion.
Gobustan is located on  the south-east of the Great Caucasian Mountains about 60 km far south of Baku. It is a semi-desert region  with numerous gullies and ravines. The meaning of Gobustan in local language means “ravine land”.  Caves and rock outcroppings surround the region. Settled since the Stone Age, the area is one of the main and most ancient museums of rock engravings (petrogliphs) in the world.
Gobustan petroglyphs contain very important elements of ancient lifestyle of stone age human beings. Although it is surprising, we have to mention that the whole site was discovered by accident in 1930s during the work process of stone quarry in the area. After the paintings discovered, the operation of stone quarry stopped and archeological expeditions started. In 1939, archeologist Isaak Jafarzade started the first archeological investigation of the petroglyphs at Gobustan. From that timeto nowadays as a result of number of expeditions about 6000 rock pictures have been discovered and listed in Gobustan. As a result of archeological excavations 40 barrows and scientifically attributed 105 thousand subjects of material culture were found. The most ancient petroglyphs  identified here are considered as belonging to the 10-8th century BC. However, it is assumed that humans populated this area  even earlier and  Gobustan was one of the cradles of civilization.
Gobustan is declared as a national historical landmark since 1966 to achieve better preservation of the rock paintings. Today, the site is open to visitors and tourists have opportunity to see the paintings by themselves. The local museum is newly renovated as has all features that tourists may ask. The museum staff is doing amazing job in preservation  of the site while keeping it open to visitors. Gobustan is included to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Important.
After Gobustan, you will have a chance to visit Mud volcanoes- very unique site where almost 300 mud volcanoes are located. This number means, about 45% of the planet’s mud volcanoes are located in this small area. In 2001, one of the mud volcanoes erupted flames 15 meters high from the ground. Fortunately, for now there are no much activity going on there and it is quiet safe to visit Mud volcanoes.

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