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Ramana Castle is a medieval period defense structure in Ramana village of Absheron. While the exact construction date is unknown, it is proved that the history of the castle dates back to the 12th century and built during the Shirvanshahs period. With its 15 meters of height and magnificent architecture, the castle never fails to amaze its visitors.

The inner structure of the castle is very simple. There are stairs going up to the defense walls from the inside ground. It is possible to walk up by spiral stairs from inner side of the tower to a corridor, which is about 3 meters outside of the tower. The other stone stair walks up to the upper side of the tower from the garden. By means of these stairs it is possible to walk up to the tower walls and look at the village. R

Unlike the Mardakan castle, Ramana castle was built on rocks as a natural continuation of rocky slopes. There is an arch in the eastern wall of the tower. There is a strong rectangular donjon on the walls of the castle like a donjon of the Mardakan Castle. Entrances standing opposite to each other have a favorable condition of serving for defense. But unlike other towers of Absheron the entrance with spiral stairs of this castle is not at a height, it is at the level of ground. There are windows for shooting in all walls of the layers.

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Ramana Castle of Absheron
Ramana Castle of Absheron

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