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Nohur Lake, Gabala

Nohur Lake is one of the most popular and visited natural attractions of Gabala, Azerbaijan. Located about 5 km. east of the Gabala city, the lake is surrounded by the forests and high mountains called Yumru, Goydag and Gulluburun. The lake covers 240 ha in total and has the maximum depth of 24 meters.

The Nohur lake has very clear water thanks to the fresh water sources spilt into the lake. Apart from the small seasonal water supply coming from the mountains of Caucasus, Damiraparan and Vandam rivers also flow to the lake. Historically, the lake used was a natural lake, but in 1949, a water-storage reservoir constructed in the south part of the lake. The reservoir has a great importance for the local people as it supplies the agricultural needs of neighbouring districts. During the winter months, ice covers the surface of the lake. Sometimes, the thickness of the ice layer reaches to 50-60 cm.

Nohur Lake is very popular natural attraction of Gabala for tourists. It is a place that attracts tourists all year along. Although swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited, there are many other activities enough to keep the visitors busy and entertained. Among them, fishing is one of the most common one. You can engage in fishing here for hours. It is also possible to take a boat and catamaran ride which is available during the day time. Walking along the shores of the lake and enjoying the landscape is also among the favourite activities of the visitors. There is a restaurant and souvenir shops around. Gabala Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel is located on the northern coast of the lake. The hotel has all kinds of facilities including spa and wellness center, swimming pool, fitness center, bar and so on.

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