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The mud volcanoes are very unique natural phenomenon. Almost half of the mud volcanoes in our planet are in the territory of Azerbaijan. Therefore, Azerbaijan is sometimes referred as “home of the mud volcanoes”.

The first activities of volcanoes started 30-35 million years ago in southeast of Caucasus. The findings resulted from the early eruptions of Gobustan and other places of Azerbaijan prove that historically, the area was home to several hundreds active mud volcanoes. The largest mud volcano in the world is Taragay located in the south of Gobustan. Its height is 410 meters. Goturdag volcano- the only volcano in the world, where constant eruptions has been taking place for many years is also in Gobustan area. On September 5, 2004 the greatest mud volcano in the territory of Azerbaijan was added into the Guinness World Records.

The earliest information about mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan was mentioned in ancient journals and records of Arabian travelers. In the travel notes, Dimashki noted: “There is an island in the Caspian Sea, where a big volcano producing fire similar to a huge candle. The fire is visible from land from a long distance”.

Mud volcano slowly erupting in Gobustan area, Azerbaijan

The first mud volcano in Azerbaijan appeared about 30-35 million years ago.

Scientific records show that during its existence, Dashmardan Volcano erupted 1200 times, Taragay Volcano – 6000 times, Big Kanizdag volcano-7000 times. Volcanoes periodically revive. When eruptions happen, it creates very impressive, yet scary scenery. Column of flame being hundreds of meters high follow the eruptions. Each eruption throws out tons of mud materials rich with chemicals. Geologists of NASA concluded that mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan are very similar to the uplands of Mars Planet for their structure.

The eruptions of volcanoes are valuable raw materials for chemical, construction industries as well as pharmacology. Volcanic mud is rich with macro and micro elements. It has highly therapeutic effect for diseases of central nervous system, venereal, gynecological and skin diseases.

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